The Reasons I Choose to Write a Book

1. Create change in the world.
2. Share my story so others know they’re not alone.
3. Get to know my (inner) characters.
4. Share my wisdom and expertise with more people.
5. Surprise my family who doesn’t quite believe I can do this.
6. Create a new source of income to help Syrian refugee’s special children
7. Make a bigger impact.
8. Don’t let my stories die inside me. I am very passion and been affected
9. Create a program for change for my readers.
10. Interview amazing people who expertness the Syrian Revolution
11. Start a new business with a powerful credibility builder.
12. Be seen as a thought leader or expert or muse by others.

Book Launch

You have been invited to the Book launch of The Syrian Revolution
by Author Ratip al-Sulaiman on 29 May, 2021.

Time: 7.00-11.00 pm
Address: The Ritz Hotel:150 Piccadilly, LondonWIJ 9BR

How to become an Author

Becoming an author means that you ideated, created, and produced
a written work, most commonly a book.
Traditionally, an author meant someone that has written a book.
also those in the digital space such as bloggers or article writers.
Here are the steps on how to become an author:
1. Educate yourself to become an author read books daily
2. Build the skills needed to become a bestselling author
3. Master the fundamentals of book writing
4. Create a positive author mindset
5. Write your first book to become an author
6. Publish your book to become a published author
7. Market your book to become a bestselling author
8. Write another book!