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Ratip Al-Sulaiman is happily married with four children. He arrived to the UK in 1991 with little English. He studied and obtained a BSc(Hons) Degree in IT and Business Studies from Middlesex University, and masters in Leadership in the community from Metropolitan University in London. Ratip is a professional in graphic design, website developing and magazine publishing. He works for a newspapers and magazine company in London. Ratip is an author who writes about history and politics starting with his rst Book about the Syrian Revolution (Assad 50 years in power) since 2011, he started collecting information, interview refugees, speaking to the victims and prisoner etc. Ratip loves reading books especially in politics and leadership. He has travelled to many countries around the world. He speaks four languages – English, Greek, Turkish and Arabic.

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Local Issues: Local issues encompass a wide range of concerns specific to a particular community, including but not limited to infrastructure, public services, social and economic disparities.

National Issues: National issues encompass concerns that affect an entire country, such as the economy, security, governance, international relations, and social welfare.

Political Issues: Political issues encompass a wide range of topics, including governance, policy-making, electoral processes, political ideologies, and public participation in decision-making.

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