Discover the Syrian Revolution

The Syrian Revolution a story of how fifteen children changed an entire country and the world. These children influenced by the Arab springs which caused the downfall of many dictatorships. They grafted a wall on their school anti-government statements which lead to them getting arrested the next day by the secret service at school. After the parents were told by the teachers of what happened to the children all fifteen parents gathered and went to the police station in the city of Dara to demanding the release of their children. The police Commander Atif Najeeb told them to forget about their children and go make new ones and if they were unable to the police would help. Peaceful demonstrations started on 15th of March 2011 to not only release of the children but demanding a new leadership of the country, freedom and democracy.Assad responded with outrage to the demonstration and used excusive force against the people and killed many protestors which lead to a war between the government and the demonstrators.Assad’s family has been controlling Syria for 50 years and and has been passed down through the family.

Book Launch

You have been invited to the Book launch of The Syrian Revolution
by Author Ratip al-Sulaiman on 29 May, 2021.

Time: 7.00-11.00 pm
Address: The Ritz Hotel:150 Piccadilly, LondonWIJ 9BR

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